10 Awesome Food Hacks That Will Surely Increase Your Cooking Skills

Improve your cooking skills with this awesome hacks

Want to improve your cooking skills? That’s the thing about food preparation: you cannot be excellent at it till you practice it with utmost genuineness. Also, the greatest cooks in the world have actually melted their curries, ruined the cookie batter, as well as evidently not held the mixer jar’s lid so limited while grinding veggies. A great deal of aspects of food preparation is found out while hanging around in the kitchenette, amongst the flavors and even leftover food.

Yet suppose you entered your soul-pleasing room with a couple of food hacks in your ‘chef’ brain currently? That wouldn’t injure, would it?

We have 10 fantastic and also rather clicking food hacks that will not just help you prepare your cuisines well yet likewise in a much minimal amount of time!

It’s time to turn a pro at cooking!

1) Use floss to cut soft things like cakes

food hacks cut cakes dental-floss

Even a normal string comes in very handy!

2) Blow in some air in vegetable storing-polybags to keep them fresh.

food hacks cut cakes dental-floss

The carbon dioxide tends to keep the leafy veggies fresh for a reasonably long time.

3) Rock the kitchen with a perfect knife

Kochkünste Kochmesser - www.emmikochteinfach.de

A sharp knife is everything! No utensil is more important in the kitchen than a good, sharp knife. It makes your job easier, cooking more efficient and more enjoyable. In addition, a sharp knife is safer and the risk of injury is not so great. Believe me! A blunt knife is a dangerous knife! Most important Rule: Never put your knife in the dishwasher. The sharp cleaning salts and the heat of the dishwasher make the knife dull.

4) Usage vacant ketchup containers to save pancake mix.


It comes useful for pancake arts.

5) Keep Herbs in a wet kitchen roll paper

Moisten the paper and keep your herbs in it to keep them longer fresh

6) Peeling ginger with a spoon


Anyone who uses a knife will give away a lot of the valuable ginger. It is quite enough to take off the upper layer of it with a spoon.

7) Use good Spices to make tasty Food

Kochkünste - www.emmikochteinfach.de

With high-quality spices, you are the conductor of your culinary orchestra ;-). No matter which one you use, they should be of good quality. You should not save here. Above all, a good spice must have a high degree of spiciness and develop a tasty flavor. The durability is important too. Because the spice loses its aroma over time. Best is grind them yourself fresh.

8) While preparing curry, always fry cut onion before tomato.

onion & tomato

Tomato, having a greater water content, tends to lose water when included in warm oil. This avoids the onion to fry properly, hence the curry typically tastes under fried.

8) Usage cookie cutters to prepare imaginative pancakes. 

9) Keep onions in the fridge or freezer

Keep them for 15-20 minutes before chopping in the fridge to not cry while dicing them.

10) Use a spoon to swab a chopped pomegranate for simple peeling.

The actions to peel off a pomegranate in less than 2 mins are:

1) Cut the fruit in half along the crown.

2) Stretch the skin to loosen up the seeds inside.

3) Use a wood spoon and also swab the pomegranate carefully over a bowl.

Tada! You have a bowl loaded with pomegranate seeds without covering  yourself in the fruit juice!

Rock the cooking area, you outstanding cook!


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