10 Awesome Rice Hacks That Will Help To Simplicity Your Life

Here are some awesome rice hacks you can use in your kitchen

Rice is one such dish that can be conveniently prepared in a short time. Also, it tastes excellent with any sort of curry dish. All of us love the one-pot meal dishes made with rice . The delicious rice dishes are happiness for the lazy chefs that dislike cooking and staying in the kitchen for a long time..

As compared to bread, rice can be digested quickly. Rice is an easily absorbable form of glucose that is easy to digest, therefore making it a safe starch., you should consume a bowl of rice with every dish. However, you can change the regular rice with wild rice to avoid weight gain.

Below I have for you some advanced rice hacks that will certainly make a wonderful adjustment in your life.

1) Different selections of rice can be used in different recipes.

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Every range of rice has one-of-a-kind taste and also structure. Replacing the required rice variety with an additional can ruin your dish. Basmati and also jasmine are one of the most usual selections of rice made use of as an accompaniment to curries. While basmati rice can be used for preparing biryani or pulao, pleasant-smelling jasmine rice can be prepared on special occasions.

2) Different rice selections have actually varied shelf life.

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Rice lasts for several years just if it is kept in a closed container. Presence of oil in brown rice could make it rancid with time. So, either freeze the wild rice or consume it within six months of purchase.

3) Below’s an incredible technique to cook fluffy rice without using a rice stove.


Wash rice in cold water for a couple of minutes. Boil rice with a pinch of salt in water for a couple of mins. Cover and simmer for 20 mins. A perfectly fit to be tied with any type of curry recipe.

4) Prepare wild rice like a pro.

like a pro

The cooking approach of brown rice and pasta is quite comparable. Rinse and cook brown rice in water for thirty Minutes without covering the vessel. Then cover the vessel as well as cook for 10 more  minutes.

5) Prevent gastrointestinal disorder with this cutting edge rice hack.

brown & White rice

Health and wellness authorities suggest that cooked rice needs to be consumed within 24 hours. Rice maintaineded at room temperature level is a breeding ground for hazardous germs. Therefore, newly prepared rice has to be taken in swiftly. Leftover rice has to be cooled and also reheated  before serving.

6) Prepare rice dessert in a cooker.

rice in cooker

Best to use arborio rice. If you want to use brown rice, you just adjust the cooking time. Add 1 1/2 cups dairy free milk and sugar to rice in pressure cooker or instant pot; stir to combine.Mix 2 flax-eggs with remaining 1/2 cup dairy-free milk and vanilla. Cook, stirring constantly, until mixture starts to boil. Turn off pressure cooker add in raisins. The Pudding will thicken as it cools. You may top with whipped coconut cream, sprinkle cinnamon or nutmeg. Ready to eat.

7) Toast rice before cooking to include flavour to the dish.

toast rice

This rice hack works finest when it comes to brown and wild rice. Roast rice in little oil before food preparation to present a nutty flavour to the meal.

8) Prepare Do It Yourself  milk rice making use of straightforward kitchen ingredients.

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Toast brown rice for 4 mins in a completely dry skillet. Transfer toasted rice in a dish of water as well as keep aside for 10 hrs. Mix soaked rice, syrup, vanilla  as well as a pinch of salt for 2 mins. Cool  milk rice in a glass container. Serve cooled.

9) Use left over rice for preparing delicious dishes.

Never let your remaining rice enter vain. Fried rice, rice cutlet, rice idli, rice pancakes and rice cheese rounds are some scrumptious dishes that’ll undoubtedly please your taste.

10) Right here’s a basic rice hack to offer rice attractively.

Rather than plopping rice on the table, utilize a bear-shaped, star-shaped or heart-shaped cookie cutter for molding rice. It’s an excellent method making your youngsters consume healthy and balanced food.

That’s all people.


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