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Erika is the author of Online Vegan Talk. A passionate blogger and love to write about health and food-related articles, doing blogging for 5 years now.

Here are the Best Snacks for Your Midnight Yearnings

Here are some of the quick best snacks. Food is something that everyone can associate with, as well as Indians being hungry at all times, require the tiniest reason to treat on something. And also this quality of binge consuming, makes them develop a new give out of almost anything. So below we are in […]

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Plant Based Vegan Lifestyle Is It Really More Healthy?

Plant Based Vegan Lifestyle What Do Vegans Eat  Why a vegan lifestyle? Vegans are trendy, sexy and healthy. More and more People and stars and starlets are attracted to a vegan lifestyle. The reasons for the renunciation of all animal products with vegan celebrities are manifold – be it for health reasons, animal love or environmental aspects. There […]

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