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Erika is the author of Online Vegan Talk. A passionate blogger and love to write about health and food-related articles, doing blogging for 5 years now.

How To Use The Healthy And Versatile Yeast Flakes

What are nutritional yeast flakes? Yeast flakes are also called “nutritional yeast” and are a typical ingredient of vegan cuisine. Mostly it is used as a seasoning and cheese substitute. Her cooking properties make the dishes creamier, because of this you can use the flakes for making creamy sauces and soups. Yeast and yeast flakes. […]

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What Is Vegan Skin Care And How To Do It Yourself

Vegan Skin Care, Cosmetics Free of Animal Ingredients and Recipes People looking for Vegan skin care. More and more the vegan lifestyle is established in our society, which is also called veganism. But what is actually behind the vegan lifestyle? In essence, it means that people, who prefer this way of life, completely avoid the consumption […]

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Make Life Easier And Enjoy Cooking This With Kitchen Hacks

Kitchen hacks make life easier and cooking even more enjoyable There is no way around kitchen hacks. The practical tips for tricky situations have undoubtedly saved each of us the day. Even for the kitchen, numerous hacks do not make you a better chef, but certainly, make everyday life easier. Kitchen hacks make life easier […]

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