Avoid These Toxins In Your Kitchen Know Where They Hide

Are Plastic and Teflon toxins in your kitchen and harmful to health? Not only the healthy ingredients of the recipes are essential. Are you aware of toxins in your kitchen and that cooking utensils are also crucial? Are Teflon pans and Plastic container in your kitchen harmful? See how you can prevent potential health problems […]

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Digestive Problems? How To Deal With It Changing Your Diet

How To Deal With Digestive Problems After Changing to plant-based Diet? You changed to the vegan diet and now are often bloated and have digestive problems? You have changed to a vegan diet because you wanted to have a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, it may surprise you at first if suddenly digestive problems occur. You may wonder […]

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Best Tips On How To Successfully Lose Weight With A Vegan Diet

Here are the best tips on how to successfully lose weight with a vegan diet long term. More and people are eating vegan food. But is the vegan diet good for losing weight? The key to success is the frequent use of unprocessed, fresh ingredients while avoiding animal foods. Those who want to lose weight […]

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Eco Friendly Spring Cleaning Hacks For Your Household And Kitchen

Use this Eco-friendly Cleaning solution for your home Eco-friendly cleaning does not have to be complicated.  Spring is approaching, and with the first buds, many want to bring their home to shine. However, many conventional detergents are harmful to the environment, unhealthy or toxic. Ecological cleaning is easy: How you can get rid of the […]

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How To Use The Healthy And Versatile Yeast Flakes

What are nutritional yeast flakes? Yeast flakes are also called “nutritional yeast” and are a typical ingredient of vegan cuisine. Mostly it is used as a seasoning and cheese substitute. Her cooking properties make the dishes creamier, because of this you can use the flakes for making creamy sauces and soups. Yeast and yeast flakes. […]

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Tips For Vegans To Celebrate Peaceful Holiday Events

Soon is time again to celebrate peaceful Holiday events. You will meet relatives and want to spend peaceful holiday events together. Christmas and New Year are around the corner. But when a family member decides to go vegan not eating meat and other animal products, it can get uncomfortable. Many people still think that all […]

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Are These The Best Healthy Smoothie Recipes You Ever Need?

The Best Healthy Smoothie Recipes For You Find here the best healthy Smoothie recipe for yourself. Smoothies are gaining more and more popularity and above they all taste and are healthy! They are full of nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes. Healthy smoothies are not only good for us, but they also fill you up and satisfy! […]

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What Is Vegan Skin Care And How To Do It Yourself

Vegan Skin Care, Cosmetics Free of Animal Ingredients and Recipes People looking for Vegan skin care. More and more the vegan lifestyle is established in our society, which is also called veganism. But what is actually behind the vegan lifestyle? In essence, it means that people, who prefer this way of life, completely avoid the consumption […]

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